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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Choose Black or White YouTube Video Player

Previously you may only display the Video Player Youtube using the standard color Light (white) only, while the time of this writing I've made through the official website youtube Shannon Behrens said that YouTube video player will switch to the dark for all embeds in some future time. So what if you already like to use color alone as a standard color Light your payer because it may better suit your current blog page.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Guide to Make a Good Blog Name

In order to get attention and blogs frequented, choose a unique name for your blog. Deborah Ng noted six important things to name your blog unique.

1. Make it Easy to Type
Make the name easy to write your blog. Look at this and The first blog that invites many errors in spelling, for example, many of which are used with the word 'jus' than the word 'just' the right thing according to the Great Dictionary. Also the first blog's name is too long. Meanwhile, a second blog name is very short, easy to write, and the spelling fast too.

2. It Should Go Without Saying That the Blog Name Should Say Something about the Topic
Provide a blog with the title. Salman's blog does not provide a lot of sense and leads other than that the blog belongs to Salman. By using a blog cuisine, very easy for anyone to know that this blog is about cooking. For those who like to cook, especially the mothers, the blog is certainly easy to remember and become the primary choice for the visit.

3. Make it Easy to Remember
Blog name should be easy to remember. Blog visitors will be easier to forget the long blog name than the short, although the blog is owned by a friend or co-own. If your blog address was short and focused will directly stored in the memory.

4. Make it catchy
Create a blog is impressive and makes anyone interested to click on the blog address. A blog name should give a clear describe to the audience not to confuse.

5. Don’t Stock Your Blog Name with Keywords
Do not stare at a blog that only use keywords that are common. Although using the keyword will be easier indexed by search engines, many things can be done, for example by using local languages or a combination of letters numbers to be one option that makes your blog more unique.

6. Make a List
Make a list of names that reflect your blog. When finished making the list, note the names and add a questions arise that you need to answer like: What is the name reflects the purpose of your blog? If appear in search engines are attracting others to click on the blog name? Are visitors blog to see a blog or blogs as a source of information which should be noted? Is the name of the blog will be valid for a long time and not just for this year? Can anyone remember the name? If you answer yes, that's the name of your blog.

Ensure Your Blog Name

After finding a name that the candidate of your blog, the last thing you need to do is ask questions to the name you select it.

1. Does the name reflects you?

2. Is a blog that describes the topic of your blog?

3. Is the name unique enough?

4. Could other bloggers to remember the name?

5. Easy is it to spell the name of your blog?

6. If you appear in search engines if the name will attract other people to click it?

7. Does anyone else see the name of your blog or blogs as a source of information which should be noted?

8. Is the name of the blog will be valid for a long time and not just this year?

9. Most importantly, Do you feel comfortable, satisfied, and exciting with the name you have selected?

If the answer is yes, that's the name of your blog. You've done the right thing in choosing a blog name.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Add Recent Posts Banner on Blog

If you want to display the last post on your blog in the form of banners which you can adjust your own size and color, then you come to the place because this tutorial will discuss about how to create and install the Feed Headline Animator! If you do this tutorial to complete the end you will get an animated picture. GIF which will dynamically display your blog updates the server based on data from Feedburner and of course the animation will show your recent posts like this:




Follow the steps below:
1. Log in to (use your Google account)!
2. Select Your Blog (Blog Feed)!
3. Then select the tab Publicize!
4. Now select Headline Animator then "Create new ..."
5. Now create and save your animated banners. Click the "Activate" and copy the code!

If you're new to the Feedburner, You should read this tutorial First "How to Create Email Form Subscription"!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Use Blogger to Host Your Images - Unlimited Bandwidth

Several days ago I had explained how to hosting javascript in blogger with unlimited bandwidth, So now I will explain how to host image on blogspot with unlimited bandwidth of course :)

And of course this is a distinct advantage for those who like to use image on their blogger template, beside do not have to worry about running out of bandwidth, loading blogs will also be faster because the images hosted on blogger body immediately!

Here are the steps:
1. SIGN IN to, and enter Dashboard » New Entry!
2. In a post template select upload pictures , the you upload the picture you want to use!

3. If the picture is complete upload and then click Preview! Then right click on the image and select Copy Image Location in Firefox (Other browsers follow)!

Suppose you get a picture like this Location:

4. Now you can use the location of the image as you wish!

To post you use to upload images so you can save posts as drafts and never published!

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