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Monday, November 16, 2009

Add Recent Posts Banner on Blog

If you want to display the last post on your blog in the form of banners which you can adjust your own size and color, then you come to the place because this tutorial will discuss about how to create and install the Feed Headline Animator! If you do this tutorial to complete the end you will get an animated picture. GIF which will dynamically display your blog updates the server based on data from Feedburner and of course the animation will show your recent posts like this:




Follow the steps below:
1. Log in to (use your Google account)!
2. Select Your Blog (Blog Feed)!
3. Then select the tab Publicize!
4. Now select Headline Animator then "Create new ..."
5. Now create and save your animated banners. Click the "Activate" and copy the code!

If you're new to the Feedburner, You should read this tutorial First "How to Create Email Form Subscription"!


  1. wah membantu gan

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